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Junk Science - Miraculous Kind Of Machine, CD

Junk Science - Miraculous Kind Of Machine, CD

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Junk Science Miraculous Kind Of Machine on CD.

Another Kind of Machine is Junk Science at their most mature: Despite their best efforts to the contrary, Baje One and producer Snafu seem to have grown up (a little) since the 2007 release of their concept album Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic (Definitive Jux / Embedded).

As Baje declares over the frenetic, distorted-bass-driven Fire Drill: "Junk is back with a new sound!" Indeed, A.M.K.O.M. does represent a new musical and philosophical direction for the group as they move further into left field on tracks like "Sailing" and "Steel Will", abandoning the straightforward for the poetic, the clear for the murky. But Snafu's signature warm, lo-fi soundscapes remain ever-present throughout the album, as do Baje's measured, thoughtful commentaries. A quick listen to the soft piano, thumping drums, and simple, beautiful message of Really, Man and there'll be no doubt that this is in fact a Junk Science record.

The synthesis of old and new really hits home on First Snow, where Snafu combines a floating 8-bit-inspired melody with a booming drum kit, giving Baje a space to contemplate what it means to live in his hometown: "What a strange thing, to be from someplace / Really man, you should try it some time / All my native New Yorkers wanna riot some time / For reasons too numerous to mention here but / I'm at the window, feel like a survivor... And it hits me so hard sometimes I gotta sit down / This town, a lotta kids drown..."
Track Listing:
1. The Syllabus (Produced By: Snafu)
2. Fire Drill (Produced By: Snafu)
3. Clark Kent (Produced By: Snafu)
4. Really, Man (Produced By: Snafu)
5. the important thing (Interlude) (Produced By: Snafu)
6. Monty Flython feat. Scott Thorough (Produced By: Best Thursday Ever)
7. Sailing (Produced By: Snafu)
8. I want to speak to you (Interlude) (Produced By: Snafu)
9. Millins feat. Cool Calm Pete (of Babbletron) (Produced By: Snafu)
10. Words From The Boro Prez feat. Tone Tank (Produced By: Snafu)
11. No Matter Rap (Produced By: Snafu; J. Howells Werthman)
12. Steel Will feat. Cavalier, Ghost Baby Zero (Produced By: Snafu)
13. you don't like music (Interlude) (Produced By: Snafu)
14. First Snow (Produced By: Snafu)
15. Running Shoes (Produced By: Snafu)
16. Miraculous Machines (Linda Gold) feat. Gene Stovall (Produced By: Snafu)
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