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Junk Science - Gran Dad's Nerve Tonic, CD

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Gran' Dad's Nerve Tonic is pure Junk Science; a clever patchwork of tightly conceptual tracks woven together by the theme of the Tonic itself and the duo's signature, intentionally dusty, lo-fi sound. According to emcee Baje One, "It's not a record about alcohol or alcoholism per se, as much as the record itself is the drink that me and Snafu needed and couldn't find anywhere on the shelves." In promotion of the record, and in keeping with Junk Science and (Embedded CEO) DJ Ese's love of beer, the three have teamed up with an up-and-coming Brooklyn brewery Six Points Craft Ales to create a limited release brew to coincide with the release of the album.

Track Listing:

1. Slojo
2. Pop Rocks
3. Do It Easy
4. Words From The Pedro feat. Cool Calm Pete
5. Woodchucks feat. Loer Velocity
6. Glasshouse
7. Whatever's Classico
8. Jerry McGuire
9. Hey!
10. That Being Said feat. Iller Than Theirs
11. ThirdPerson Stealth
12. Slouctro