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Junk Science - Feeding Einstein, CD

Junk Science - Feeding Einstein, CD

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Brooklyn-based duo, Baje One and DJ Snafu is the subgroup of the Nuclear Family crew. Guest appearance from Embedded Music labelmate Cool Calm Pete.

Track Listing:
01 Junktro
02 The Junk Off
03 Roads feat. Scott and Probe
04 Just One Thing
05 Ice Age feat. B. Eazy
06 That's the Way
07 Dreams (skit)
08 You Never Know
09 The Blaze-O feat. Cool Calm Pete
10 Mashed Topatoes feat. Raad Haider
11 Words from the Krayo feat. Krayola
12 Speaking (Same Ol' Same) feat. NEMC and Tony Tank Top
13 Keep Oiling Cell Phones (skit)
14 House Wigger
15 Wherego> feat. Raad Haider and Scott Thorough

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