JRK - S/T, CD – The Giant Peach

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JRK, Wide Hive Records' newest discovery, comes directly from the same back yard of San Francisco as Wide Hive itself: The Mission. Following in the well-established footsteps of Variable Unit, DJ Zeph, and DJ Quest, JRK is an illuminating beat designer that crunches soul and rock into a Hip-Hop envelope with a uniquely raw and inspired touch.

Track Listing:

1. R.A.W.
2. Follow (Feat Jessica Cooke)
3. The Lotus Eaters
4. Get A Move On (Feat Knows)
5. Purple As An Iris
6. Come One And All (Feat Joe Con)
7. Synthetic
8. Cold Chillin (Feat Neal Rames)
9. Champagne Jam
10. Sound of the Beat (Feat Neal Rames)
11. One Long Kiss (Feat Jessica Cooke)
12. Signal Flow

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