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Joyo Velarde - Love and Understanding (Autographed), CD

Joyo Velarde - Love and Understanding (Autographed), CD

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Each copy comes signed by Joyo Velarde
Full length debut for Quannum artist Joyo Velarde comes her latest release "Love and Understanding" A re-freshing perspective on traditional soul music hand-crafted by Joyo and Lyrics Born with the help of fellow producers Jake One, Asa Tascone, RJD2, Tommy Guerro, and more.
Track Listing:

1. Mama's Got a Brand New Swag (So Exquisite) (feat. Lyrics Born)
2. Build This World
3. Certain Special Way
4. Strong Possibility (feat. Lyrics Born)
5. Ticket To Love
6. With Feeling
7. The Way We Are
8. You Got Me (In The Mood)
9. Lower Deck
10. Feels Right
11. Take You Home
12. On and On

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