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JJ Doom - Key to the Kuffs, CD

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Lex Records presents 'KEY TO THE KUFFS', the debut collaborative album from MF DOOM and Jneiro Jarel (aka Shape of Broad Minds/ Dr. Who Dat?) under the moniker JJ DOOM.

"On paper, a full collaborative album from NYC's notorious rap villain DOOM and space age production from Jneiro Jarel can't fail. In practice it's even better. DOOM is in the form of his life here."
-Mojo Magazine

JJ produced all the tracks, DOOM provided the bulk of the vocals and compiled the cut and paste skits.



















































1. Waterlogged
2. Guv'nor
3. Banished
4. Bite the Thong
5. Rhymin' Slang
6. Dawg Friendly
7. Borin' Convo
8. Snatch That Dough
9. GMO
10. Bout the Shoes
11. Winter Blues
12. Still Kaps
13. Retarded Fren
14. Viberian Sun Pt. II
15. Wash Your Hands