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DJ Haylow

James Yancey Productions Mixed by DJ Haylow, Mixed CD

James Yancey Productions Mixed by DJ Haylow, Mixed CD

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J. Dilla is without question the most versatile producer Hip Hop has ever heard. The man which pop icon Pharrell labels "The Beat King of All Time" has blessed tracks as early as 1995, and has repeatedly re-invented himself over his illustrious career, working with some of the most talented Hip Hop and R&B artists. From Hard to soft, Rough to Smooth, Fast to Slow, Popular to Underground, Dilla could do it all, producing cult classics, chart toppers, avant garde, and love ballads, just to name a few categories. As humble as he was talented, he often stood clear of the spotlight, only being recognized by his inner circle and his extremely devoted fan base. As much credit as Dilla gets for his production, he was an accomplished and influential emcee, spittin rhymes on many of his self-produced classics. On many levels, J. Dilla excelled.

In February 2006, J. Dilla succumbed to his long battle with a rare blood disease, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Songs from his final releases were literally produced from his hospital bed, which is an example of his dedication and love for music. At the time of his death, Dilla's music was more progressive than ever, and his contributions to today's music will always be a mystery. Hip Hop suffered a huge loss on the day Dilla died, and the world of Hip Hop continues to learn his name and his contributions, and the heads who knew of Dilla's productions only have more appreciation than ever for his musical genius. J. Dilla will forever revered by his dearest fans, and will always remain as the greatest Hip Hop producer of all time. James Yancey Rest in Beats.

Track Listing:

1. Erykah Badu ~ Clever / Pharrell's "Cool" Intro
2. Hev D. f/ Q-Tip ~ Just Listen
3. Phife Dawg/Tribe Called Quest ~ His Name is Mutty Ranks
4. Busta Rhymes ~ Woo Haa (remixes)
5. Slum Village ~ Fall in Love
6. Slum Village ~ Fall in Love (remix)
7. Phat Kat ~ Destiny
8. Common ~ Nag Champa
9. Frank-n-Dank f/ Tammy Lucas ~ Ma Dukes
10. Slum Village ~ Get This Money
11. Que-D f/ Jay Dee ~ Supa Shit
12. Q-Tip ~ Things You Do
13. De La Soul ~ Stakes is High (remix)
14. De La Soul ~ Stakes is High
15. Phat Kat f/ J. Dilla & Black Milk ~ Door
16. J. Dilla ~ Reckless Driving
17. Frank-N-Dank ~ MCA
18. MadLib/JayLib ~ The Red
19. Slum Village ~ Look of Love
20. J. Dilla ~ F*ck The Police
21. Phat Kat ~ Don't Nobody Care About Us
22. Frank-N-Dank ~ Pimp Strut 22. J. Dilla ~ Crushin'
23. Cool Outro
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