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J Dilla - Wild / Make 'em, 12" Vinyl

J Dilla - Wild / Make 'em, 12" Vinyl

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Wildness from J Dilla -- a couple of gritty gems from the expanded Ruff Draft set! "Wild" is a flat out stunner -- a previously unreleased cut that has us wondering how deep Dilla's vault goes -- cause this s**t shoulda been ruling the underground for years now! It has these stuttering, thundering beats, and rolling rhymes augmented by a kid with a Brit accent riffing on "Cum On Feel The Noise" -- sounds strange, but this a killer cut! "Make Em NV" is another classic -- again with the thunderous beats, with some vibes sweetening it up over the top. Dilla at his dirtiest!


1. Wild
2. Wild- Clean
3. Wild- Instrumentals
4. Make'em NV
5. Make'em NV- Clean
6. Make'em NV- Instrumental
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