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J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Live! In The Mix, Mixed CD

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J-Boogie has done it to you again, this time breaking ground with a multi-genre LIVE DJ mix featuring his group Dubtronic Science - "Live! in the Mix". Pushing the San Francisco sound forward, J-Boogie blends live musicians with the sounds of dub, soul, hip-hop, midtempo, funk, house, and afro beats including music from Goapele, Amp Fiddler, Soulstice, Quantic, Mark Farina, Marc Rae, DJ Zeph, DJ Tonk, Romanowski, and more!

Live! in the Mix also features two new songs from J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science. "Purple Perpendicular Phonics" (track 24) features P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship and Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers going back & forth over a super hot conga break and some sub dub bass bubbling in at 115 BPM. Youre the Murdera (track 14) slows it down to 95 BPM for a revolutionary reggae-hip-hop jawn featuring Zion of Zion I and Duece Eclipse.


1. Soulstice - Wind
2. Romanowski - Romjack
3. Rob - Symeonn_Chosen
4. Variable -DrJ_Dub
5. Asheru - Mood_Swing
6. Lone Catalysts - Due Process
7. Strange Fruit Project - hypnotix
8. Piakhan & BJ - Queen City
9. DJ Mitsu - Right Here
10. Zion I - Sorry
11. J.Boogie- Try Me
12. Encore - Break Bread
13. Farid - Sunday Paper
14. J.Boogie - Murdera
15. Zeph - Shake It Down
16. Amp Fiddler - Dreamin
17. DKD - Brighter Day
18. Blu Bizness - Remember
19. Projections -Stillness
20. Mark Farina - Dream
21. Marc Rae - MBS
22. Thunderball - Pop Trunk
23. Coppa - Courvoisier
24. J.Boogie - PPP
25. Quantic - Use What You
26. Goapele - Closer
27. DJ Tonk - Forgive

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