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Gingko Press

Italian Renaissance: The Start of a New Era, Paperback

Italian Renaissance: The Start of a New Era, Paperback

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Capturing the energy, spirit and innovation of the emerging leaders
of Italy’s graphic design scene within its pages, Italian Renaissance
showcases some of the most exciting layouts, logos, fonts and designs
from the new generation of designers already making an impact on
their country’s design history. A remarkable and dynamic range of
styles and techniques that draw upon the history of design for
inspiration while thrusting towards modernity spread over each page
and make clear that a new era of Italian design is being ushered in.
This is the new Italian Renaissance, comprised of innovative visual
and artistic expression that stays true to the duty of communication.
Features work from: Kalimera, Eramaxima, Digitalultras, Sintetik +
Happycentro, The Brainbox, Abnormal Behavior Child, Balena, Roberto
Bagatti, Fabrizio Schiavi Design, Temecula Design, Unjust, Dokhaus,
Canefantasma Studio, Tokidoki, Dinamo Project, Gianni Rossi, Fabio
Berton, Lorenzo Banal, Shameless, Morpheus and more! Includes a
CD-ROM with both Music and graphic wallpaper by contributing

160 pages

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