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Big Dada

Infinite Livez vs. Stade - Art Brut Fe De Yoot, CD

Infinite Livez vs. Stade - Art Brut Fe De Yoot, CD

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Count up the records you've heard recently that don't sound like anything else. The ones that don't artfully reference previous classics or jump onto a revivalist trend. Records which seem to come out of no particular space or time and do so with such force that you have to admit this really is something different. Got any fingers up yet? No? Then drop Art Brut Fe De Yoot into the CD player
In 2004, Infinite Livez was touring Europe promoting Bush Meat (BDA68), his debut album for Big Dada. The rapper best known for surreal, weird-out, sex rhymes like White Wee We was approached at a show in Switzerland by an intense man named Pierre who wanted to know if he would like to record a track with his project Stade.


1. Intro
2. (^_^)zzZ
3. The Taste Of Jazz To Cum
4. Unbiased Reductionism In 21st Century Music Practices
6. Right Here, Right Now feat. Joy Frempong
7. The Confessions Of A White Backing Band
8. The Ballad Of Baby Man feat. Pascal Auberson
9. Artyfartypartynazi feat. Joy Frempong
10. Track 10
11. From Now On Things Are Going Be Different
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