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Illa J - Sounds Like Love, 12" Vinyl

Illa J - Sounds Like Love, 12" Vinyl

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Illa J Sounds Like Love on 12" Vinyl.

Delicious Vinyl is pleased to turn on the world with the release of Illa J "Sounds Like Love" featuring Debi Nova, the second single from Illa J's acclaimed debut album Yancey Boys.

In the intimate tradition of Method Man & Mary J. Blige's "You're All I Need", "Sounds Like Love" is a song where Hip Hop and Soul come together like they were always meant for each other. Illa J's buttery flow sets the tone, while Debi Nova's voice transforms "Sounds Like Love" into a come-hither siren song that's basically irresistible. So all you rugged b-boys who recognize that the grimy way isn't the only way, you're in luck. And ladies, just know that Illa J is all about 'compassionate actions'.

The track for the song comes from a cache of previously-untouched beats created by Illa J's older brother, the late great James "Jay Dee/J-Dilla" Yancey. A prime example of what makes Jay Dee one of music's great visionary producers, "Sounds Like Love" features a salacious bass line, bedspring-ready boom-bap, the understated loveliness of the electric piano, and that one secret ingredient... something that only Dilla would have known to add... a mysterious celestial frequency that, quite literally, sounds like love.

"This might be my favorite Jay Dee beat of all time," says Delicious Vinyl's Mike Ross. "I was just gonna put it out as an instrumental because I wanted the world to hear it, it's that incredible. But once Illa J heard the beat, I knew he'd do it right, it's in the blood ya know? As for Debi Nova, she's been my favorite singer for a while, her soulful musicals gifts astound me. Debi joining Illa J on my favorite Jay Dee beat makes me very happy."

If space is the place where you get your lovin', check the exclusive remixes on the B-side by Carlos NiÃÃño (Suite For Ma Dukes) and Elvin Estela a.k.a Nobody (Soulmates), which send the whole beautiful thang into orbit.

Be sure to peep the underwater video for "Sounds Like Love", directed by Dina Juntila and filmed on location at the members-only Whitley Heights Aquatic Club. The mermaid is played by Brenda-Li, known for her work as a former ballerina with American Ballet Theatre.
Track Listing:
1. Sounds Like Love
2. Sounds Like Love (Instrumental)
3. Sounds Like Love (Acapella)
4. Sounds Like Love (Nobody's Unicorn Dub Remix)
5. Sounds Like Love (Nobody's Unicorn Dub Instrumental)
6. Sounds Like Love (Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's In Space Remix)
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