Hail Mary Mallon - Bestiary, Picture Disc LP Vinyl (Gorlonk Artwork)

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Hail Mary Mallon Bestiary Limited Edition Picture Disc.  This cover features Gorlonk.  Artwork by Coro!
Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic are Hail Mary Mallon returning with their second album Bestiary.
Scratches & cuts by DJ Big Wiz

Please note: These are in a clear plastic sleeve.  Most of them arrived from the distributor in less than perfect condition (the seam splits).  Please be aware of this when ordering.

01     Jonathan     
02     Krill
03     Used Cars     
04     Dollywood     
05     The Soup     
06     4AM     
07     Hang Ten
08     Whales
09     Merlin
10     Picture Day
11     Kiln
12     King Cone
13     Octoberfest
14     The Red List

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