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Hail Mary Mallon - Are You Gonna Eat That?, CD

Hail Mary Mallon - Are You Gonna Eat That?, CD

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After years of performing live together and appearing on each other's solo albums, critically acclaimed mc's/producers Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic, along with DJ Big Wiz, come together as Hail Mary Mallon and deliver their Rhymesayers debut Are You Gonna Eat That?. The name and album title are inspired by Mary Mallon aka Typhoid Mary, the first person in the U.S. identified as a healthy carrier of the pathogen associated with typhoid fever. Mary Mallon was presumed to have infected 53 people, three of whom died, over the course of her career as a cook. She spent three years in quarantine, which is where she died.

Are You Gonna Eat That? is full of powerful dense production and witty word play courtesy of Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic. Add some turntable wizardry from DJ Big Wiz and this trio is destined to be as infectious as Typhoid Mary herself.

Track Listing:

1.    Church Pants
2.    Garfield
3.    Grubstake
4.    Meter Feeder
5.    Smock
6.    The Poconos
7.    Breakdance Beach
8.    Table Talk
9.    Mailbox Baseball
10.    Holy Driver
11.    Knievel
12.    Plagues and Bacon

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