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Greyboy - Soul Mosaic, CD

Greyboy - Soul Mosaic, CD

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The tracks crafted into a fourth Greyboy album include groundbreaking territory for the Southern California based producer/DJ. For the first time he has recorded full vocal songs adding a new soulful dimension to his music. Greyboys trademark laid-back West Coast beats remain central to Soul Mosaic but are now enhanced by numerous collaborations that took place over the last two years.

Vocalists like Bay Area underground favorite Bart Davenport (Paris Caramel records), East Coaster Sharon Jones (Daptone) and San Francisco up ncomer Bing Ji Ling, MCs like Mainflo (TVT), and musicians and turntablists like D-Styles and Ricci Rucker (Sound In Color) plus producers like the UK-based Quantic or Mike Andrews (Donnie Darko) are all part of the mosaic.

Track Listing:

1. Genevieve
2. Son-Ray
3. Bronson
4. See My Eyes
5. Omega
6. To Know You is to Love You
7. Awright
8. So Good
9. Got to Be Love
10. Big Tito
11. Loggia
12. Make Music
13. Gotta Stand for Something
14. Everyday Problem
Bonus Remixes
15. Genevieve (Quantic remix)
16. Gotta Stand For Something (Paul Nice remix)
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