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Grayskul - Bloody Radio CD

Grayskul - Bloody Radio CD

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Born out of the Pacific Northwest's Oldominion hip-hop collective, Onry Ozzborn and JFK emerged as Reason and Fiddleback Recluse in 2004 forming the righteously eerie alliance known as Grayskul. Deadlivers, their critically acclaimed (4.5 Stars -Urb, B+ -Spin) dark Rhymesayers debut introduced Grayskul's innovative real life storytelling to the world. Wanting to always reinvent themselves, Grayskul returns as Count Draven (Onry) and Count Magnus (JFK) to deliver their latest opus Bloody Radio. This conceptual masterpiece serves as reverse brainwash music for today's contemporary hip-hop listeners, typically force-fed imaginary genres. Grayskul smashes these genres seamlessly into one while interweaving all with message, substance, concepts, wittiness, opinion and most of all, honesty while still maintaining a sense of humor, imagination, and originality. Bloody Radio has something for everybody.

Track Listing:

1. 3000 Voices
2. Virginia N.M.2
3. Dope
4. Bloody Radio
5. How to Load a Tech feat. Cage
6. Missing feat. Andrea Zollo
7. Scarecrow
8. Haunted
9. The Office feat. Aesop Rock & Slug
10. Is It Me
11. Dance the Frantic feat. Pigeon John
12. Give Me Love
13. Us
14. The Last Lullaby
15. Heaven Is Still Coming
16. Disappear
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