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Graffiti Verite'' - Volume 5: The Sacred Elements Of Hip-Hop, DVD

Graffiti Verite'' - Volume 5: The Sacred Elements Of Hip-Hop, DVD

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Multi award-winning Independent filmmaker Bob Bryan took his camera on the road (in search of Hip-Hop) to the Heartland of America. "I figured if Hip-Hop exists here, then it's pretty much everywhere! " Bob was invited to document a historic four (4) day Hip-Hop Summer Workshop conducted at Metro High School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which resulted in Graffiti Verite 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop.

According to Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Instructor at Metro High School GV5 - Jim Jacobmeyer Speaks - Breaking it Down in the Middle: Pop and Hip-Hop, Hip-hop culture is alive and well in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and we invited Bob to come down to Cedar Rapids to discover how a local alternative High School was using the four (4) elements of Hip-hop to integrate the visual and performing arts into one summer program.

In the just released Accolade Award-Winning documentary Graffiti Verite 5 (GV5): The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop Bob was able to capture the excitement of this innovative hands-on workshop. What emerges is a portrait of the educational value and liberating therapeutic power contained within the unique elements of the contemporary Hip-hop movement. Turntablism (DJing), Break-dancing, MC'ing (Rappin') and Graffiti Art are the four (4) Hip-Hop elements used in what Bob sees as a multifaceted communications modality and dynamic educational learning system.

NTSC, Region 1 DVD
Running Time: 42 Minutes
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