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Graffiti Verite' - Volume 3: The Final Episode, DVD

Graffiti Verite' - Volume 3: The Final Episode, DVD

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Award winning independent filmmaker Bob Bryan has announced the completion of GV3: A Voyage into the Iconography of Graffiti Art (Graffiti Verite' 3).

GV3 is the latest installment of his three (3) part documentary series exploring the controversial underground Graffiti Art Movement.

In GV3, Bryan steps away from the traditional storytelling format this time around and reinvents himself by using contemporary musical idioms from different countries to proclaim the narrative. Sometimes communicating to us in Italian, Malaysian, Latin, Pygmy, African or English; the Ethnic, World, Hip Hop, Techno, Metal, Fusion, Ballads and House music all conspire to disorient our sensibilities and preconceptions about this underground art form. This experimental musical opus probes the socio-political context that distracts the average person from appreciating the historical / artistic significance and impact of Graf.

NTSC, Region 1 DVD
Running Time: 54 Minutes
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