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Georgia Anne Muldrow (feat. Declaime and Stacey Epps) - Ms. One, CD

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Georgia Anne (aka Ms.One) and Dudley Perkins aka (Declaime) introduce the world to Ms. One's label with her latest release, the EPS compilation album. This project is a full introduction to the fonk eclectic of Epistrophik Peach Sound that has released solo albums by Jimmetta Rose and Eagle Nebula. Fine musical artistry and compelling lyricism by every artist on the project makes this album a beacon of light amidst a dark musical landscape.
Track Listing:
1. Georgia Anne Muldrow - 'Return'
2. Illicit Child - 'Hiphop'
3. Georgia Anne Muldrow - 'Mr. President'
4. Maryetta Moore - 'Head of my soul'
5. Jimetta Rose - 'Divinely Free' (feat. Dudley Perkins)
6. Black Milk & Big Pooh - '2 mc'
7. Darryl "d-moe" Moore - 'Sundaze'
8. Stacy Epps - 'Motivation'
9. Jimetta Rose - 'My Life'
10. Ms. Dezy - '80's Freestyle skit'
11. Ms. Dezy - 'Dearest Daddy'
12. Rickie BB - 'Near & Far'
13. Ms. One - 'Turiya's Smile'
14. Illicit Child - 'Far Behind'
15. Mortonette Stephens - 'Magic Walk'
16. D-moe - 'Long Gone'
17. Eagle Nebula - 'Funny (hiphop)'
18. D-moe - 'Drunken' (feat. Declaime)
19. Maryetta Moore - 'Million Man'
20. Sopretti - 'Try Your Best'
21. Georgia Anne Muldrow - 'To Dance'

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