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Foreign Legion - Night Moves, CD

Foreign Legion - Night Moves, CD

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Prozack Turner and Marc Stretch are Foreign Legion. Their debut album, Kidnapper Van (along with DJ Design) broke new ground for underground hip-hop and took playful shots at the industry and art that spawned them. Several tours around the world resulted in the party-driven Play Tight, soon after. The trio became a duo and next came The Secret Knock. An introspective, albeit brief, look into the minds of two musicians that still love the art of rhyme.

Guess what, good people? Good music is still alive and well, at least in the Bay Area. Foreign Legion returns with their newest original offering, Night Moves. The Oakland based duo took some time off after their previous release to work on various ventures, away from the group. They re-connected in the studio and the result is a 13 track opus that finds the group as focused and hungry as ever. Contributions from G Koop (Jake One, EA Ski), Rashaan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Grandpa J, Intr0Beatz, DJ Flip (ITF Champion) & DJ Buzz (Waxolutionists) help give the album a sound that is well worth listening to over and over. You don't have to wait for the sun to go down make some Night Moves.

Track Listing:

1.    CA All Day
2.    Victory
3.    Fast and Loose (feat. Rashaan Ahmad)
4.    The Ultimate
5.    One Shot
6.    Son of a Gun
7.    Party Over Here
8.    Fresh Air
9.    Didn't Work Out
10.    Travel Lite
11.    Piano Banger
12.    Angel
13.    Legionnaire Lounge

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