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Family Tree - Tree House Rock, CD

Family Tree - Tree House Rock, CD

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Bringing back the best of the old while combining it with the best of the new is The Family Tree with "Tree House Rock" - Straight up hip-hop for the heads (& for your head). Throughout the project the flow switches from rugged hardcore to calm & relaxed, but always with a nonstop hip-hop vibe & lyrics beyond your everyday punch-lines & battle rhymes. The Family Tree includes: Daily Plannet, Iomos Marad, Mr. Greenweedz, MC Rita J.

Track Listing:

1.Spit It - Spotlite, Prime & Capital D
2.I Am - Mr. Greenweedz & Iomos Marad
3.Flow - Mr. Greenweedz & Allstar The Fabulous
4.Blow The Spot - Spotlite & Rita J
5.Horse - Mr. Greenweedz & Allstar The Fabulous
6.Motive - Capital D & Spotlite
7.Simple Words - Rita J & Tone B. Nimble
8.Flavor - Daily Plannet & Iomos Marad
9.Buddy Live (Live From Single Minded Pros Show May 13, 2000)
10.Save It - Daily Plannet & Mr. Greenweedz
11.Virgo - Mr. Greenweedz & Rita J
12.Push, Move, Build - Capital D & Iomos Marad
13.Chums - Spotlite & Mr. Greenweedz
14.Rocks For You - Daily Plannet, Capital D, Prime & Rita J
15.Move - Daily Plannet & Capital D
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