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Fakts One (of Perceptionists) Long Range, CD

Fakts One (of Perceptionists) Long Range, CD

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Fakts One (of Perceptionists) Long Range on CD.

Fakts One, one third of rap super group The Perceptionists, was a key figure in the Boston Hip-Hop scene for many years. He got his start DJing parties and breaking local parties at WERS radio station in the late '90s, on the popular '88.9 at Night' show. He has lent his production to diverse artists like MF DOOM, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin', Tajai, Grayskul & MF Grimm among others.

Track Listing:

1. Ridin' Dirty (Produced By: Fakts One)   
2. Grown Folks feat. Little Brother (Produced By: Fakts One)   
3. Life Music feat. Rocklyn & Maya Azucena (Produced By: Fakts One)   
4. OK feat. King Syze & Outerspace (Produced By: Fakts One)   
5. Born For This feat. Chan (Produced By: Fakts One)   
6. Don't Stop feat. Boot Camp Clik (Produced By: Fakts One)   
7. The Showstarter feat. The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif + Akrobatik) (Produced By: Fakts One)   
8. Audiovisual feat. JLive (Produced By: Fakts One)   
9. U From The Q feat. Universal (Produced By: Fakts One)   
10. Set The Mood feat. Grayskul (Produced By: Fakts One)   
11. Moments Matter feat. Tajai (Produced By: Fakts One)   
12. Selfish feat. Akrobatik & Iyadonna (Produced By: Fakts One)   
13. Longevity feat. Rasco, Planet Asia & Shakes Da Mayor (Produced By: Fakts One)   
14. The Showstarter (Walkman Remix) feat. The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif + Akrobatik) (Produced By: Fakts One)   
15. We Gonna (Produced By: Fakts One)

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