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Embedded Studios - Presents: The Bedford Files, CD

Embedded Studios - Presents: The Bedford Files, CD

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Known for their mixtapes, Ese & Hipsta now channel their production skills into a full length release featuring some of the most talented emcees in the hip hop community: Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, Stronghold Crew, M. Sayyid (APC), Zion I, as well as many young emerging artists.

1. BKLYN-Tes
2. Stakeout (skit)
3. Inner City Hustle-Aesop Rock & L.I.F.E. Long
4. Tippin' Dominos-Vast Aire
5. First Island=Breez Evah Flowin
6. Today-Lodeck
7. Crazy-C Rayz Walz
8. Cold City Winter-Mike Ladd
9. BKLYN-Blowout
10. Stakeout (skit)
11. A Slice of Heaven-Hangar 18
12. Tap Dancin for Scratch-Vast Aire & Aesop Rock
13. Scratch Intro-M. Sayyid
14. Building Blocks-Zion I
15. Kamikazee Concepts-Tes
16. Tippin Dominos RJD2 Remix-Vast Aire
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