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Dudley Perkins - Expressions (2012 a.u.), CD

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The dynamic sophomore effort, entitled "Expressions (2012 A.U.), takes an extended detour in the direction of Parliament's Mothership Connection. The funk is strong thime time around - as is the soul music that brought tears to the eyes of Dudley's and Madlib's aunts and uncles back in the golden days. Dudley continues his plaintive, introspective soul-searching - as well as his trademark questions of the future of mankind.

Track Listing:
01 Funky Dudley
02 Dear God
03 Come Here My Dear
04 Separate Ways
05 Dollar Bill
06 Testin' Me
07 Get On Up
08 That's the Way It's Gonna Be
09 Coming Home
10 Domestic Interlude
11 The Last Stand
12 Inside
13 Me

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