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Donnie - The Daily News, CD

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Former Motown/Giant Step recording artist's first studio release in over four years, The Daily News, is the culmination of a thoroughly reappraised Donnie. He has used the time in-between albums to grow both musically and personally. In a bold and brave way that few of his music contemporaries would dare, Donnie's “ripped from the headlines” approach to songwriting sees him using poignant lyrics to tackle a diverse range of societal woes. Full of righteous indignation without falling into the preachy, The Daily News heralds Donnies foray into a new musical philosophy that mixes soul, funk, rock, hip-hop and the blues into a combustible combination that musically fuels his material. Featuring a guest appearance by Phonte of Atlantic Records rap group "Little Brother", The Daily News' stomp-on-the-floor funk of yesteryear is cleverly polished with with a modern veneer.


1. Impatient People
2. 911
3. OverTheCounter Culture feat. Phonte (of Little Brother)
4. Classifieds
5. Suicide
6. If I Were You
7. Robot
8. Atlanta Child Murders
9. For Christ Sake
10. Mason Dixon Line
11. China Doll
12. The Daily New

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