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DJ Vadim - The Sound Catcher, CD

DJ Vadim - The Sound Catcher, CD

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What happens if you cross a Brazilian carnival spirit with a reggae sound system and Brooklyn New York with a tour schedule that even dwarfs British Airways flight plan? The Sound Catcher is born.

DJ Vadim, the John Coltrane of Hip Hop has been a very busy bee of late. DJ'g and touring his group ONE SELF, remixing Fat Freddy's Drop, Gangstarr, Ojos de Brujo, Alice Russell...., re editing Prince, Al Green, Ann Peebles ....and now delivering his 5th and latest DJ Vadim LP(debut for BBE) which he considers as being 'by far my most concise, precise and best work to date. Not content with working harder than all 7 dwarfs put together, he transplanted him self and his 'timber yard studio' to Brooklyn New York in early 2006 where most of the latest LP was written and produced.


1. Intro - DJ Vadim
2. Fear Feats - DJ Vadim, Emo, Syrus
3. Talk to Me - DJ Vadim, Sena
4. Them Say - DJ Vadim, , Diane
5. Soundcatchers - Abstract Rude, DJ Vadim
6. Manchester - DJ Vadim
7. Kill Kill Kill - Big Red, DJ Vadim, Kathrin DeBoer
8. SD4 - DJ Vadim
9. Like the Wind - DJ Vadim, Deuce Eclipse
10. Black Is the Night - DJ Vadim, Kathrin DeBoer
11. I Got to Rock - DJ Vadim, , Zion
12. Theme to Big Willy Dee - DJ Vadim
13. Bath in Bleach - DJ Vadim
14. Ballistic Affairs - DJ Vadim, Killa Kela, Singa Blinga, Skinny Man
15. Milwaukee - DJ Vadim, Monte Smith
16. Sufferin Blues - DJ Vadim, Lillian "Lil" Green,
17. Watch That Sound - DJ Vadim, Emo
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