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Hip Hop Slam

DJ Sushi - The Lost Dub Plates, 12" Vinyl

$ 10.00 USD

Track Listing:
A1   Devastating Devastator 2:38 
A2   Pigeon Head Scratch (Stoopid) 2:22 
    Featuring - Otaku Scratch Crew 
A3   Aum Shinri Kyo 1:57 
A4   Ichiban Itch 2:40 
    Featuring - DJ Krush 
B5   Invasion Of The Giant Crab Sandwich (With Fresh Grinds) 2:05 
B6   The Art Of The Turntable (Top Of My Head) 1:30 
B7   Ganguro Girl 2:31 
B8   Underdog Is Here 1:25 
    Featuring - Otaku Scratch Crew 

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