DJ Q-Bert - Live Australia-Asia, DVD

$ 9.99 $ 18.98

The greatest DJ in the world on his first documented tour throughout the amazing cities of Australia and Asia. DJ Qbert performs with only a Turntable/Mixed hybrid, the QFO. Astonishing hundreds and thousands Worldwide with performances that will recreate modern day DJ musical direction. The revolution of portable DJs is taking shape, and once again their company Thud Rumble LTD. is leading the way. Since the end of the Invsibl Skratch Piklz projects, QBert and Yogafrog set out to deliver the greatest advancements both musically and technologically for the skratch DJ art form. This documents the journey inside the mind behind the Turntable TVs, Wave Twisters, Vestax, Thus Rumble, Skratchcon and all the different companies they've created all over the World, and how their team became the most influential DJ organization in the Universe.

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