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DJ Nikoless Skratch - This Is Where You Got It From, 2xCD

DJ Nikoless Skratch - This Is Where You Got It From, 2xCD

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 DJ Nikoless Skratch - This Is Where You Got It From, 2xCD

Double CD for the price of one! Rhymesayers & 3 Wisemen present "This is you got it from: Theories of Origin 3", featuring the talents of DJ Tanner the Surgeon General & Plain old Bill. Tracks are featuring the key pioneers in Turntablism (including Grandmaster Flash, I.S.P., Cut Chemist, Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Prince Paul, and many more).

Disc One
*1)Introductions -Nikoless 04 (additional cuts by Plain Ole Bill)
a)Subliminal Messages To Self (or If This Doesnt Make Sense
Buy The Last CD &
Figure It Out....
b)Theory 2 In Review
2)Howies Teed Off-Howie T w/The Real Roxanne (*doubles by Surgeon
General) 86
3)AJ Scratch-AJ w/Kurtis Blow 84
4)Have You Seen Davy?-Davy DMX 87
5)Jam Master Jay-JMJ w/RunDMC 83
6)Jam Master Jammin (rmx)-JMJ w/RunDMC 85
7)Hes Incredible-Louie Lou w/TLA Rock 85
8)Incredible Ray-Ray Rock w/K.C. 85
9)Ride The Crossfade-Dollar Bill w/Jewel T 88
10)The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff-Jazzy Jeff w/Fresh Prince 86
11)The Music Maker-Cash Money 88
12)Holy Calamity-Quest w/Handsome Boy Modeling School 98
13)Bear Witness III-Q Bert w/Automator 02
14)Bear Witness-Q Bert w/Dr. Octagon 95
15)Captain Splatter Patty-Mr. Dibbs 98
16)Bust That Groove-Prince Paul w/Stetsasonic 86 [*bonus cuts by Plain
Ole Bill]
17)Waxpaper-J Live 02
18)Wordplay-Mista Sinista (of The X-ecutioners) 97
19)DJ Premier In Deep Concentration-DJ Premier of Gang Starr 89
20)Hes Dangerous-Cut Creator w/LL Cool J 85
21)Scratch Monopoly-Louie Lou w/TLA Rock 87
22)The Movement-DJ Zeph w/Azeem 01
23)Put It To Music-Audio Two 88 w/Last Stop (Bonus Beat)-DJ Shadow 96
Vicksburg-DJ Design 00
*24)Background Check (Audiobiography)...-Nikoless 04
*25)Last Nite A DJ Saved My Life-Indeep 82 w/Mt. Airy Groove-Pieces Of
A Dream 82
[3Wisemen rmx] [concept & breaks by Nikoless, cuts by Plain
Ole Bill] 04
26)Sucker DJs (acapella)-Marley Marl w/Dimples D 84 w/Wheelz Of Steel
- Mr. DJ w/Outcast 96
27)Five Fingers Of Death-DJ Rob Hanna 88
28)Pump That Bass-Easy Gee w/Original Concept 86
29)Leave It Up To the Cut Professor-Barry B w/Doug E. Fresh 86
30)Scratchin To The Funk-DJ Cash Money w/Dr. Funkenstein 86
*31)Disc vs. Vinyl (The Dual Perspective....You Decide)-Nikoless 04

Disc Two
*1)3Wisemen Intro: The Maestro w/His Two Man Scratch Symphony-Nikoless
Skratch, DJ
Tanner, & Plain Ole Bill 03
2)Adventures Of GMF On The Wheels Of Steel-Grandmaster Flash 82
3)Girls Love The Way He Spins-Grandmaster Flash 85
4)Fastest Man Alive-Grandmaster Flash 86
5)Home Of Hip Hop-D.ST 85
6)Megamix II: Twhy Is It Fresh?-D.ST 84
7)One For The Treble/DMX Will Rock-Davy Dmx 84/85 [*bonus cuts by
Plain Ole Bill]
8)DJ K La Boss-K La Boss w/EPMD 88
9)Lesson 4-Cut Chemist
10)2,3 Break-Chuck Chillout of The B Boys 83
11)Play That Beat-Whiz Kid w/The G.L.O.B.E 83
12)Play That Beat 99-DJ Skribble & Slynke w/Premier and Guru of Gang
13)Rock It-D.ST w/Herbie Hancock 83
14)Duece Ase Housin-DJ Duece Detonator Too Tuff w/The Tuff Crew 88
15)We Dont Play-DJ Miz w/Freshco 90
16)DJ Man Cuts It Up Part II-DJ Man w/Shy D 87
17)Cooley High-Joe Cooley w/Rodney O 87
18)Work Of A Master-DJ Revolution 00
19)Bustin Loose-DJ Skill w/Alliance 88
20)I Dream Of DJs-Cuttin Kal w/I.R.M 86
21)Hey DJ-DJ Justice w/The Worlds Famous Supreme Team 84
*22)DJing for Dummies-Nikoless 04 (*bonus scratch lesson by Plain Ole
23)Aladdins On The Rampage-DJ Aladdin w/Low Profile 89
24)T.D.S Scratch Reaction-DJ Devon w/T.D.S Mob 89
25)Funky Piano-DJ Scratch w/EPMD 90
26)The Manipulator-Mix Master Gee & The Turntable Orchestra 85
27)Surprize Packidge [Automator rmx]-Mix Master Mike 99
28)This Is Where You Got It From-Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 88

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