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DJ Neil Armstrong

DJ Neil Armstrong - The Certified Majestic, Mixed CD

DJ Neil Armstrong - The Certified Majestic, Mixed CD

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CERTIFIED MAJESTIC SERIES PART 1 - A collaboration of sorts with a partner in crime that you may not have had the pleasure of listening to - DJ Steve 1-der , from the LA state of mind.

While making the All Out King mixtape series, I would frankly - get bored. After hearing something for the umpteenth millionth time, you are bound to need something new to keep you inspired. One day, that inspiration was delivered right to my doorstep. I got a package of CDs from a person I never met before - a fan & fellow DJ, but someone who didnt have a quote unquote name. He sent his whole catalog, and one CD in particular resonated with me. He made it a couple of years before and it had the cliché name of In the mix, but what was on it was far from ordinary

While listening to DJ Steve 1-ders mixtape, I heard him linking songs together with a distinctive style, taking unexpected turns and on more than one occasion I said to myself dang, I wish I had thought of that idea. I also realized that even though it was an exceptional and classic mix, not many people outside his local circle and area would get a chance to hear it, not without a little help.

So I now present to you, The Certified Majestic Series. Each CD in the series will be a collaboration of sorts, to bring to light DJs and their works that you wouldnt get a chance to hear because their reach isnt big enough yet for people to take notice. This series answers the question - I wonder whats in Neils CD player? So this is his mix, remastered and presented to you here - and to tie over you hardcore fiends, I put something quick together at the end for yall to listen to as well

I sometimes think that people get the idea behind the AOK series a bit skewed. It had less to do with bragging rites and more to do with defining a style based on the idea that good music is good music, no matter the genre, or who is putting it all together.

DJ Steve 1-der throws down. He is a Certified All Out King Or better yet - Majestic.

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