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Thud Rumble

DJ Flare - Magnifrying Glass, DVD

DJ Flare - Magnifrying Glass, DVD

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For a limited pressing dvd collectors', one of a kind, hard to find, boggle your mind skratch visual adventure! DJ Flare and Yogafrog take you to a flying earth adventure through Hawaii's most exciting visuals, MAGNIFRYING GLASS DVD. A skratch training journey for you to kut it up with. Pop the DVD with your DJ setup and skratch it up with the master of the kuts, DJ Flare. Instead of watching the dull practicing wall skratch with the most fascinating visuals to inspire and train your skill set .


Magnifry Training DVDs enhance a DJ's skill set through the following:


Perfect Pitch
Skill vs. Skill

Pick up this limited DVD series collection today, and get your skratching beyond the limits.

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