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Butchwax - Head Shrinker, 12" Vinyl

Butchwax - Head Shrinker, 12" Vinyl

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DJ FLARE drops the latest in beyond-the-call breaks, beats, and scratches. Head Shrinker will make everyone breakdance. Head Shrinker will hypnotize listeners into a skratch universe frenzy. Head Shrinker will give you a gap-toothed smile and a unibrow. Head Shrinker will shrivel your skull and insert it into the ass of a rat. Head Shrinker will explode your brain.

U.S. RECRUITS HEADSHRINKERS give terrorists a taste of their own medicine
FIERCE Jivaro headhunters are the most feared tribe in South America
Made by Butchwax

A1     Untitled Beat     
A2     Untitled Beat     
A3     Untitled Beat     
A4     Untitled Beat     
B1     Untitled Beat     
B2     Untitled Beat     
B3     Skipless Scratch FX     
B4     Skipless Scratch FX     
B5     Skipless Scratch FX     
B6     Endless Tone

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