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Butchwax - Butt Ugly Breaks, LP Vinyl

Butchwax - Butt Ugly Breaks, LP Vinyl

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Butt Ugly Breaks has everything, from classic 808 beats with futuristic electro tracks. BUB will definitely keep heads nodding and fingers itching for more scratches. Butchwax also adds his patented video game/computer sounds for endless possibilities!


     Nasty Side
A1     Untitled     
A2     Untitled     
A3     Untitled     
A4     Untitled     
A5     Untitled
    Ugly Side
B1     Untitled     
B2     Untitled     
B3     Untitled     
B4     Untitled     
B5     Untitled     
B6     Untitled     
B7     Untitled

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