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DJ Enki

DJ Enki & DJ Platurn - Blendapella, Mixed CD

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Bay Area dj's Enki & Platurn of Future Primitive Sound and Oakland Faders, respectively, team up for nothing but blends all the way through, called--naturally--Blendapella. Don't dismay--this is most definitely not a "mash-up" CD. It's a DJ mix, only instead of fluidly mixing songs all the way through, they're fluidly creating blends and then mixing them all the way through.

This carefully crafted mix contains an hour's worth of blending featuring beats and rhymes by Pharoahe Monch, Rakim, Lyrics Born, The Neptunes, Biz Markie, Outkast, KRS-One, MC Lyte, Jurassic 5, Whodini, MC Shan, Super Lover Cee, DJ Shadow, some weird tutorial 45, and many, many more. All mixed, remixed, and cut the funk up by 'the immortal hands of' DJ Platurn and DJ Enki.

Enki has reduced the price on these because they now come in slim cases/non-shrinkwrapped.

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