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DJ Apollo

DJ Apollo - Ultimate Kibbles'n Bits, Mixed CD

DJ Apollo - Ultimate Kibbles'n Bits, Mixed CD

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As a member of Triple Threat DJs, which includes Shortkut and Vinroc, DJ Apollo is known for his "Many Styles", whether it be his technique or musical selection. DJ Apollo began DJing in 1983. He was an Original Member and Co-founder of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz. He was also the DJ of Buckshot LeFonque f/jazz legend Branford Marsalis and toured worldwide with the group. He has appeared w/Buckshot LeFonque on Jay Leno, David Lettermen, Conan O'Brien, Soul Train. Among the many titles and awards, Apollo has amassed are the 1992 DMC US Championship, 1992 DMC World Championship, and 1993 Bay Guardian Goldies award.


(1) Intro, JB's 40th Anniversary Mix
(2) James Brown, Godfather Runnin The Joint 
(3) Feelin James 
(4) Roy Bryant, Up Above The Rock 
(5) James Brown, The Payback Mix 
(6) James Brown, The Payback Mix (Drum Break) 
(7) Fusion Beats 
(8) Flash And The Furious Five, Flash To The Beat 
(9) The JB's, Cross The Track 
(10) The JB's, Pass The Peas 
(11) The JB's, Transmograpfication 
(12) The JB's, Cross The Tracks 
(13) Bob James, Nautilus 
(14) Check Yellow (C. Reid, Clarke, Laird) 
(15) Ernie Hines, Our Generation 
(16) Willie G. Hale, Cramp Your Style 
(17) Rhythm Heritage, Theme From S.W.A.T. 
(18) Pussy Footer (F.Muschier, P.Birmingham) 
(19) Different Strokes (J.Cameron, J.Zachary) 
(20) Tramp (McCrackin-Fulsom) 
(21) Marva Whitney, It's My Thing 
(22) James Brown, Think 
(23) Bobby Byrd & James Brown, I Know You Got Soul 
(24) Arlester Christian, Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man 
(25) Cameo, Rigor Mortis 
(26) Gaz, Sing Sing 
(27) Ralph McDonald & William Salter, Jam On The Groove 
(28) Herman Kelly, Dance To The Drummers Beat 
(29) Bill Curtis & Carole Sylvan, Bring It Here 
(30) Perez Prado, Mambo 
(31) Michael Hepburn, Joyous 
(32) Joe Quarterman, I'm Gonna Get You 
(33) The Lovematic Sex (B.Knight, M.Edwards) 
(34) Richard Strauss, 2001 
(35) Roy Ayers, Brother Green (The Disco King) 
(36) Bustin Loose
(37) James Brown, Give It Up, But Bust It Loose 
(38) Donald Byrd, Rockcreek Park 
(39) Allan Shacklock, The Mexican 
(40) Ralph Armstrong, Planetary Citizen 
(41) Funky Music Is The Thing (P.Willis, R.Moore) 
(42) Johnny Pate, Shaft In Africa 
(43) Incredible Bongo Band, Apache 
(44) Jimmy Castor Bunch, It's Just Begun 
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