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DJ Alf - This Way or That Way, CD

DJ Alf - This Way or That Way, CD

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Not surprisingly inspiration for This Way or That Way is drawn from
ALF's first hand experiences including some bottled emotions from his
years in the US Air Force when he could not openly say how he really felt
about his Commander in Chief (George W. Bush) and his reasons to get into
the Iraq war. On the up side ALF's military training and structured
lifestyle left him with a sharp focus and excellent organizational skills.
"It made me become aware that you have to triple check everything in terms
of making a song."

For the recording process DJ ALF used vinyl for all the scratch parts on
the album ("I have no need for Serato.") and worked off of
a Vestax Controller 1 turntable, Vestax PDX 2000 turntable,
Vestax PMC-08, and PMC-05 Pro III mixer, as well as Propellerhead's Reason
program, and Pro Tools LE. "In some form or another I see the songs on the
album parallel to what the artist may see or hear in their surroundings,"
said ALF. "They may tend to ask themselves if they want to approach the
subject this way or that way."

Track Listing:

01) "This Way" feat. Billy Jam
02) "Funk 141 Controller"
03) "You Know"
04) "Here They Come"
05) "Put The Needle On The Record"
06) "Lab Insomnia"
07) "Sculpted Music" feat. Skizo and DJ 2P of Alien Army
08) "Judging The Maker" feat. Skahlah
09) "Streptomisen"
10) "TVT"
11) "2015 or 1960"
12) "The Deployment II"
13) "One More Drink" feat. Dunn-D
14) "Let's See Now"
15) "Hedspace Meditation" feat. Dawgisht
16) "Nebula" feat. DJ Sniper
17) "Say Yeah" feat. Dust-One
18) "What If" feat. Nations
19) "That Way"
20) "The Galway Formula"

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