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Definitive Jux

Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English, CD

Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English, CD

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Next up from Def Jux, and another that might surprise Jukies, comes Dizzee Rascal's all-new follow up to his wildly popular European crossover smash Boy In Da Corner back in 2003! As a veteran member of London's Roll Deep Crew, the mc/producer is the epitome of the English rap genre known as grime, as he incorporates conventional techniques with ragga and unmistakable regional slang, while the beats are usually a heavier throwback to 80's hip hop styles and dirtier electro pop. The violent and sometimes raunchy lyrics are a mere reflection and reminder of his life growing up on the streets of the very rough East London side, but play a role only second to his deeper desire to speak his mind about a lot of topics since being met with his newfound fame. This album might just blow the first one out of the water, and if you became a fan a few years back you will not be disappointed! Featuring guest appearances by UGK (RIP Pimp C), Lilly Allen, Alex Turner of the English indie-rock group The Arctic Monkeys, and a special remix of "Where's Da G's" the lead single off the album by EL-P!

Track Listing:

1. World Outside 
2. Sirens 
3. Where's Da G's (feat. U.G.K.)
4. Paranoid
5. Suk My Dick
6. Flex
7. Da Feelin' 
8. Bubbles
9. Excuse Me Please
10. Hardback (Industry) 
11. Temptation (feat. Alex Turner (of The Arctic Monkeys))
12. Wanna Be (feat. Lilly Allen)
13. U Can't Tell Me Nuffin'
14. G.H.E.T.T.O 
15. Driving With Nowhere To Go
16. Where's Da G's (EL-P Mix) (feat. U.G.K.) 
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