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DAVU & Eyamme - The Sun Do Move, CD

DAVU & Eyamme - The Sun Do Move, CD

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At long last it's here. The album, including "Glory Be" and "My Time to Go", is a banger to say the least. "NOW", the track featuring Illogic, is an anthem for those unhappy with the state of their world, and "Basic Sounds" is all cut up by DJ Sleepyhead. It has jazz, rock, and blues laces beats to nod your head to not to mention the smooth flow of Davu to bring it all together.

Track Listing:

1. 1234
2. Mastermind
3. Now (with Illogic)
4. Not A Test
5. Do Yo Thang
6. Basic Sounds
7. Glory Be
8. The Sun Do Move
9. Chicken & Tea
10. Man Up
11. Time to Go
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