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Daedelus - Happily Ever After, CD

Daedelus - Happily Ever After, CD

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Daedelus edition of dublabs Future Roots Mix CD series is an explosion of ultimate energy. This megamix of early Rave sounds shines with the exuberance of electric optimism. They are recorded remnants of bassbins booming in day-glo seas. These hyper-kinetic rhythms rush blasting from the past to break new boundaries. Daedelus revives the reminiscent romanticism of Rave in fresh form.

Happily Ever After is not a just mix looking back at all that Rave encompassed circa 92-93, these are well loved records that found me, more than I collected them. In discovering this sound as a pre-teenager in suburban Los Angeles at record stores now lost to history each selection has gained, rather than diminished, an intense meaning. Most of the labels and producers are largely forgotten, genres made nu- and -step later, but when dublab contacted me for a mix that would be Future Roots I had to go back to my same record shelves that have time and again been my escape, solace, and inspiration. Daedelus

This is Daedelus first mix released since a tape in 1998!

You will fall in love with this mix:
- if you dig fast flashes.
- if you remember 92.
- if you have adventurous ears

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