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Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends, 12" Vinyl

Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends, 12" Vinyl

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Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus has embarked on a journey in a new direction. Renowned for making cerebral, baroque electronic music and dressing like a Victorian dandy the "Fair Weather Friends" EP is Daedelus embracing stripped-back, funky, fucked-up dance music. And it feels good Alfred himself describes it as minimal Daedelus, sleek and laughably sexier. Informed by playing for European audiences, who want dance music at the top of their night, the EP is the most direct and dancefloor-friendly work of his remarkable and varied career. Title track Fair Weather Friends is held together by a vocal sample of a young lady explaining when the weather gets warm we get the same things on our minds as you boys do. But the ballast of the track revolves around drums n claps that wouldnt sound out of place on a Go! Team record and an insistently catchy keyboard riff. But it doesnt end there. My Beau (a re-imagined, re-sung re-work of Ghost Town DJs My Boo) is possibly the most shocking departure. Utterly fresh, it combines bass rhythms with great swathes of squelch and a beautifully mashed-up r&b vocal. Hermitage manages to keep the electro-squelch aesthetic of the EP while incorporating rock elements and a driving four to the floor. El Subidon goes a little bit more techno while Bonjour is pure jack with more sweet, electronic melodies. Overall, whatever Daedelus plays around with and on this EP he resists the temptation to play around too much it has a warmth and a beauty to it which could only come from one place. Im still from the Golden State, from Los Angeles, hes happy to explain. Feel the warmth...

Track Listing:

1. Fair Weather Friends
2. Hermitage
3. El Subidon
4. My Beau
5. Bonjour
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