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Crystal Antlers - Nothing Is Real, Cassette Tape

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Nothing Is Real is Crystal Antlers going beyond the beyond, with songs that rattle and ricochet from desolation to delirium. Opener “Pray” sounds like what would have happened if Black Flag’s Greg Ginn had produced the first Psychedelic Furs single; “Persephone” and “Anywhere But Here” match the desperate, relentless rhythm of the Wipers with the inside-out guitar melodies of the Pixies. “Li- corice Pizza” recalls lost cult-punk heroes like the Flesh Eaters or the Embarrassment. On Nothing Is Real, you’ll feel as much as hear echoes of bands like Wire, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. Nothing Is Real features cover art by famed surf/skate/ graffiti legend C.R. Stecyk III and recorded as the band returns to its most fundamental roots as an agile power trio – Jonny Bell, drummer Kevin Stuart and guitarist Andrew King.

1    Pray    
2    Rattlesnake    
3    Licorice Pizza    
4    We All Gotta Die    
5    Paper Thin    
6    Persephone    
7    Anywhere But Here    
8    Don't Think Of The Stone    
9    Wrong Side    
10   Better Things    
11   Prisoner Song     

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