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Count Bass D - Some Music Part 5, CD

Count Bass D - Some Music Part 5, CD

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Count Bass D - Some Music Part 5, CD
From the Feito Em Casa Series.  This item comes in an eco-friendly cardboard sleeve.
The all doer Count Bass D meshes his Some Music Part Five with slices of laid back charm, flyness and a little Tennessee boom bap. Like a sweaty slow grind in the corner at an overcrowded after party conjuring a new day, this mix takes a low ride through the bends of his own sound creations. Slim and nice, from the south side of the map, Count Bass D keeps it buzzing.
Track Listing:

1     Earl, Mary & Dwight     
2     Alphabet Town (Count Bass D Remix)     
3     Rockford Funk     
4     The Best Thing     
5     The Real Thing     
6     Possibilities     
7     What The Hell Is This Extra     
8     On The Way To Florida     
9     Miss Green Jeans     
10     That Bird Owes Me     
11     Don't Play Games     
12     Stay     
13     Eastern Standard Time     
14     Shine (Count Bass D Remix)     
15     Bad Boy     
16     Time Is Money     
17     All Unite    


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