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Coppershot - Issues, CD

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Producer Copperpot and emcee LongShot have joined forces to form CopperShot, dropping their debut album “Issues”. With guest spots from KRS One, Diverse, Psalm One, Akbar, and the UKs Braintax, CopperShot makes intelligent hip-hop. Never preaching, the duo explore the issues people face in their lives, ranging from the political to the spiritual to the emotional without giving up the boom-bap drums and clever wordplay of a hip-hop classic.

Track Listing:
01 Issues
02 Forgive Me ft.KRS One, Akbar & KB
03 Breathe
04 Save Me ft. Ka Di
05 Whos Turn Is It?
06 Never Stand Still ft. Psalm One
07 Im Just a Soul interlude
08 Culture Pop ft. Braintax
09 Broken Hungry
10 C.A.P.S. ft.Diverse
11 This How We Live ft. Ka Di
12 Can You Believe ft. Emilie Bishop
13 Black Fathers Day Theme

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