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Colossus - West Oaktown, 2XCD

Colossus - West Oaktown, 2XCD

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Having in the past supported the likes of Roy Ayers, Fred Wesley, Gil Scott Heron, Don Blackman and James Brown (playing bass in the funk band the Big Cheese Allstars), it`s no wonder that 6 foot 8" Englishman Charlie Tate`s music sounds the way it does. A move to Oakland, California, in Oct `02, the purchase of copious amounts of second hand jazz and COLOSSUS was born!

Created as a complete album including the original version for the jazz lovers and a completely remixed version for the hip hop heads, on listening, it`s pretty self evident where "West Oaktown" is coming from... Hip hop but with a hefty dose of jazz, funk and soul ...and as far as influences go ...the opening paragraph pretty much says it all!

Track Listing:

01 Innacity
02 From the Lab
03 You A Grown Man Now
04 If You Knew My Mind
05 One
06 Thripney Bits
07 Like That
08 The Tribute
09 Brotha`s Tryin` To Be
10 Sunshine
11 Whirlwinds
12 Lil` Sally


01 Intro
02 The Tribute
03 Interlude 1
04 Brotha`s Tryin` To Be
05 Interlude 2
06 If You Knew My Mind
07 From the Lab
08 Thripney Bits
09 Inner City
10 Interlude 3
11 Like That
12 You A Grown Man Now
13 Lil` Sally
14 Interlude 4
15 Whirlwinds
16 Interlude 5
17 Where you at?
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