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Chops - Dark, CD

Chops - Dark, CD

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For hip-hop composer/producer (and sometimes MC, previously with the Mountain Brothers) CHOPS, this is that moment of truth where he breaks out of the basic beatmaker box and elevates to virtuoso status: the student becomes a master. Taking a cue from rap legends like Pete Rock and Marley Marl, CHOPS often collaborates with an impressive group of some of today's most captivating microphone personalities such as Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Kanye West, The Game, TI, Snoop Dogg and Paul Wall - just to name a few.


The extraordinary skills of CHOPS (aka "the Magnificent Butcher") have been praised by many super-producers like RZA and Daz Dillinger. CHOPS' universal studio styles collect props from coast to coast, thoroughly composed and virtually sample free, CHOPS' top-notch productions forge a revolutionary sound on an epic scale, galaxies away from humdrum four-bar loops.


This soundtrack is the music CHOPS was inspired to create after seeing the film "Dark".




1. Give It To 'Em 
2. MCM 
3. Fromunda 
4. Don't Give A F**k 
5. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner 
6. Walk That Walk 
7. Worth A Thousand Words (Interlude) 
8. Ragtime 
9. Come Up Offa Dat Check 
10. For The, For Now, Forever 
11. Dark 
12. Come Up (C&S Paul Wall) 
13. Guess (DJ LT Dan) 
14. Give (DJ LT Dan) 
15. Give (Slo Mo Outro)

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