Chico Mann - Analog Drift, CD

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The sounds of Africa have taken multi-instrumentalist Chico Mann aka Marcos Garcia over the world. So it's fitting that on Analog Drift, his second album and first for Wax Poetics Records, he's returning the favor. Over the course of twelve thumping, impossibly soulful songs, including a cover of Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime," Chico Mann introduces the rhythms and guitarisms of Afrobeat to the music of Cuba, the Latin freestyle flavors of 1980s New York and Miami, and the synth-heavy electro beats of dance floors across the globe.

Track Listing:
1. Harmonia
2. Mentirosos
3. Anima
4. All That Is Rising
5. Go To That Place
6. Guardalo (El Silencio)
7. Once In A Lifetime
8. Hay Que Correr
9. Ya Yo Se
10. Illusion de Ti
11. Metele Mano
12. This Love

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