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Cesar Comanche - Paper Gods, LP Vinyl

Cesar Comanche - Paper Gods, LP Vinyl

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The long awaited sophomore release by Paper Comanche with extensive production contributions from the ground breaking 9th Wonder and collaborations with fellow Justus League producers Big Dho and Eccentric. This album boasts a healthy volume of tracks ranging from stage-rocking to mind easing, all of them showcasing Comanche's honesty and versatality.

1. WJLR Morning
2. Lamb to Lion
3. Pest
4. Knowing is Half the Battle
5. Land of Hate
6. Underground Heaven
7. A-Game
8. WJLR Evening
9. Drought of 2002
10. Edited for TV
11. Trust II
12. L.O.H.
13. Daily Operation
14. What you Need
15. The Guf
16. WJLR Night
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