Caveman - Sticks and Stones, CD

$ 5.00 $ 10.00

21 of the illest instrumentals to come out of the Bay Area in a long time! Nod your head to these mellow and melodic beats in the car, at the smokespot, in the bedroom... anywhere. Guaranteed to satisfy for your listening pleasure... SUPPORT LOCAL HIP HOP! (especially Bay Area heads) TRACK LISTING: 1. Praise Intro 2. Vistalize 3. Wooage 4. Good Life 5. Imperial Trauma 6. Elegant Dancing 7. Sailbeat 8. Cave Anthem 9. Champagne 10. Refresh Yourself 11. Robots Interlude 12. Autonomy 13. The Joust 14. Meditative Sector 15. Machine Breath 16. Sunset in a Hammok 17. Twinkle in Her Eye 18. Faded Loot 19. Thereizhope 20. Transbay Express 21. 8-Bit Outro

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