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Casual - Presents: Smash Rockwell, CD

Casual - Presents: Smash Rockwell, CD

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The third solo album from HIEROGLYPHICS member CASUAL. You get sixteen tracks of grade-A Oakland hip hop featuring cameos from the legendary TOO
SHORT, as well as all-stars RICHIE RICH, E40, YOUNG ZEE, PSALM ONE, and the HIEROGLYPHICS crew.

1. Say That Then
2. Rap Game
3. Smash Dont Hurt 'Em
4. OAKtown (feat. EMAc / Too $hort / G Stack / Richie Rich)
5. Styles
6. Bitin & Freakin (feat. Psalm One)
7. In The Whip
8. Nickel & Dime Gangsta (f. E40) (feat. E-40)
9. Critical
10. Hierollers (feat. Tajai / Opio)
11. Single Mother
12. All Around The World
13. Bay Vs. Bricks (feat. Young Zee)
14. I'll Hit That
15. Make It Hot
16. Wakemup
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