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Bronze Nazareth Presents Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching, CD

Bronze Nazareth Presents Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching, CD

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The debut album from the group helmed by Wu-Tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth. The group consists of: Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Phillie & Salute. Guest appearances from GZA, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), Killah Priest, Planet Asia & more.
"Wisemen Arrived" bonus disc features unreleased joints from the Wisemen, alternate versions and remixes from both "Wisemen Approaching" and from Bronze's debut "The Great Migration" as well as exclusives from the Wisemen and Wisemen associates. All tracks produced by Bronze Nazareth.


1. Introducing (No Matter How)
2. New Year Banga
3. Illness
4. Associated feat. GZA/Genius
5. Mixture Of Muhammed
6. Iconoclasts feat. Killah Priest & Vast Aire
7. Founder Of Pain
8. Blinded
9. Up There Beyond
10. Verbal Joust
11. Words From Prodigal Sunn...
12. Goblins (Tablets) feat. Planet Asia & Prodigal Sunn
13. Welcome Home feat. Gooch & Altaire
14. Honor's Promise
15. Wisemen Approaching
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